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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the goddess of the valley

The Goddess of the valley does not die;
she is called the mysterious female.

The door of the mysterious female
is called the root of heaven and earth.

Adaptable, capacious, it is like a deep well;
use it as you may, it never tires.

(Tao-te-ching, chapter 6)

whether chinese or swedish... you'll find pure beauty... at this svensk page :-)


Blogger Marlies said...

I leave for a couple of weeks and what do I find when I come back?? VAGINA! Funny, I once visited a museum with a friend (who happened to be swedish coincedently) and at the picture of a woman with her legs spread I yelled: VAGINA! though the whole museum..I thought it was pretty funny...VAGINA!

3:31 PM  
Blogger caru said...


do look at that page... really beautiful pics there. (all of vaginas, yeah. some people seem to have their minds on them *blush*)

3:26 AM  

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