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Saturday, January 21, 2006


About Me
Birthday27th september
Ageageless, i'm an elf ;-)
Height1,70m (approximately)
Hair Colorblack (nearly)
Eye Colorgreen (greyish)
Have You Ever
Fallen for your besfriendno, she fell for me
Kissed someone who was just your friendyeah
Been rejectedyes *sob*
Been in lovewait... let me count
Used someoneNO!
Cheated on someoneno...
Been cheated onyes... and i immediately dumped the bitch
Done something you regretregret? what's that?
Do you ...
Color your hairnot nowadays...
Have tattosyes
If so how many*counts* 4
Have any peircingsyup
If so how manyjust one... there used to be 6 or so
Have a bf/gfhmmm... difficult to say, just now *blush*
Like thunderstormsyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!
Ever get off the damn computernot since i discovered these surveys
Have you/Do you have...
Considered a life of crimenot seriously
Considered being a hookerno...
Coneidered being a pimpno, eeeeeeek!
Split personalitieswait... i have to go and ask caru
Obsessionssome minor ones, i guess
Panicif the situation warrants it
Anxietyreally, no.
Depression/Considered suicidyes, and yes... yeeears ago, though. but i'm alive now, which shows it wasnt all that serious :-)
Right now..
Current clothesbright red t-shirt, dark red trousers
Current moodintrospective
Current hairblown about by the wind, needs to be washed... messy
Current musicmussorgsky
Current annoyancethe "intelligent design" debate
Current perfume/cologneperfume? pERFUME? what do you take me for?
Current thing you should be doingwrite some essay or the other, i guess
Current crushrather more than a crush... did i mention she had blue eyes?
Drinkmango juice
Candywhite chocolate
Tv Shownever watch tv
MovieThe Curse of the Were Rabbit
Placeanywhere there's water, and trees, and lots of sun
Person to talk toi've mentioned her twice... you dont expect me to tell you her NAME?
Do your perfer..
McDonalds or Burger Kingthe managers should be forced to live on their own junk
Marry the Perfect Lover or the perfect friendboth!
Root Beer or Dr Pepperseriously, i don't know what they are
Sunshine or Rainthunderstorm!
Spring or Fallspring, anytime. and autumn too... at least, before it gets cold
Winter or Summersummer! want to go swimming. also, girls look their best in summer.
Vanilla or Chocolatechocolate. none of that boring vanilla stuff.
Snowboarding or Skingfor me, a sledge.
Lights on or Offcandles. and when they have burned down, darkness. and when the morning comes, sunlight.
Are you...
Understandingup to a point...
Open Mindedvery.
Bad Temperedjust attack me, and you will see what comes of it ;-)
Happyyeah *bounce*
Attractiveto whom?
Bored Easilyno. never at all.
Sadhavent been really sad for a long time... angry, yes, disappointed, yes, but not SAD.
Uniqueapart from the split personality thing we talked about earlier, yes :-D
What do you like in a Girl/ Boyintelligence. naturalness. being caring, but straightforward. gracious movements. melodious voice.
EyesBLUE!! (for the thirty sixth time)
Hair colordark brown
Long or short hairLONG
Hieghtjust about my height, or maybe smaller...
Body Typeslim, but not bony... a few muscles dont hurt ;-)
Personalitysweet. neither too dumb nor too sophisticated... no nonsense about her
How would you describe yourselffreaky. sweet, if you don't hurt me or make me angry. the devil incarnate, if you insist on a point that's utter nonsense
Do you have any Pets?not at the moment... would love some cats, though
Have any syblings?one sister
What do you want to be when you grow up?a child.
Do you wanna get married and have kids?kids, maybe. marriage, eeek, no.
What is your best physical Trait?i like all my physical Traits.
What is the best thing about your personality?which?
What words do you overuse"definitely" and "shit"
Whats the most annoying thing about youmaybe the fact that i select very carefully what information about myself to give to whom. some people don't even get to know my name!
End this survey with a quote"That which has always been accepted by everyone, everywhere, is almost certain to be false." (Paul Valery)



Blogger Åsa said...

He he
loved reading yours
Hope you are well
Good luck with the blue eyes
Lots of hugs

6:48 AM  
Blogger caru said...

oh, thanks... :-)

would you believe it? we have -15°C here. just the weather to sit in a warm room on a pile of pillows, with candles and hot tea. *hugs*

*returning to the blue eyes*

8:03 AM  

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