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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

haiku: cherries in winter

deep frozen cherries -
for each of these, a hundred
petals fell in spring

just now, i'm remembering a girl whose name has to do with cherries.
i met her a year and a few months ago, got absolutely DROWNED in romantic feelings, enjoyed a very short, very sweet, very intense time with her, then got dropped by her - she pleaded i was getting too demanding with all my romanticism, and besides she really wanted to be faithful to her 'official' boyfriend. bloody hell. she severed all contacts one angry afternoon, and i lived in acute misery for months.

after these few months, i was still alive. her relationship wasn't: she met a guy from, er, a southern country, left her oh so beloved guy (to whom she was sticking forever, she said) and married the other guy in practically no time.
i only just learned these last few facts.

i don't want to see her EVER again. but still, i haven't yet got back my taste for cherries that i lost with her. so if someone finds a taste for cherries somewhere, gently detach it from a very wild girl (warning: possibly bites) and send it to me. please.


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