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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The religion that has the greatest affinity with your belief system is:

Unitarian Universalism

Your belief system is 90% compatible with Unitarian Universalist religious beliefs.
But did you know that even though Unitarian Universalists have mixed beliefs about the existence of God, they tend to share the belief that there is something to be learned from every world religion? It appears that you are also open to a wide variety of religious and spiritual ideas. By accepting differences between individual spiritual beliefs, Unitarian Universalists come together under a few broad and inclusive moral ideologies. They pass their beliefs from generation to generation through their church's literature and their teachings, both of which draw on many of the major spiritual texts from a variety of religions. Typically open-minded and intellectual, Unitarian Universalists encourage individual exploration of many different spiritual truths. They also tend to be politically liberal. It seems that you also see the importance of being open-minded and curious.

You're 67% compatible with Buddhist beliefs.
You're 63% compatible with Neo-Pagan beliefs.
You're 50% compatible with Baha'i beliefs.
You're 50% compatible with Native American religious beliefs.
You're 47% compatible with Spiritualist beliefs.
You're 44% compatible with Judaic religious beliefs.
You're 42% compatible with Hindu beliefs.
You're 37% compatible with Islamic beliefs.
You're 35% compatible with Christian beliefs.

[this may be a rather ingenious test, but it's all wrong. i'm sure i'm a lot more Hindu than Baha'i or, so help me god, Spiritualist (i happen to think spiritualism is all bunkum!); and i'm much more of a Jew than a Native American; and i'm exactly 0,0023% Christian. but still fun.]


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