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Thursday, March 30, 2006

noctuary entry

(because you can't write things that happen at night in a diary, can you?)

had a psycho day today - listening to people's problems with teachers, roomies, ex-boyfriends, kids, life in general. came home with a brain like an anthill on a hot summer day.
too lazy to do any work, not hungry enough to eat, not sleepy enough to sleep, totally unwilling to think, decided i knew all my books too well to bother myself with reading any.
took a long barefoot walk (it's a semi-warm early-spring night) through large parts of vienna, watching reflections of street lanterns on the water, smiling at silly remarks about barefootedness, listening to a crazy mixture of night sounds, feeling all sorts of ground under my soles, generally cleansing my brain of psycho stuff.

accidentally walked past the house where a friend has been living for just two weeks, at the very moment she was coming home, so that we only just saw each other.
lady coincidence meant to tell us it was time for the two of us to talk of many things, and we did.
perfect moment. perfect talk. perfect woman. perfect night.
there's a lot to be said for the perfect.


Blogger ├ůsa said...

Oh wow
That sounds so good
I am sure it was the meaning of it
And the barefoot nightwalk
We should really share one some day

7:38 AM  
Blogger caru said...

maybe we'll one day just MEET on a barefoot nightwalk, accidentally.
since last night, i believe everything is possible :-)

7:50 AM  

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